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Human trafficking is the trade involving humans who are exploited for labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sex for the benefit of the trafficker. It consists of harboring or transporting people into a situation of exploitation by force, deceit, and violence against their will. Organizations can adopt JJAIBOT and its components to help in its cause of combating child sex tourism. 


Visual & Acoustic Recognition Component (V-ARC) 

  • Train models to identify the victims, perpetrators, locations, images and other visual data (hashtag images)
  • Monitor social media of the victims and perpetrators
  • Warn law enforcement of potential threats
  • Inform facilities (e.g., hotels, public places) of the possibility of hosting an offender

ChatBot Component (C-BOT) 

  • C-BOT component in Social Media for victims to communicate with
  • Collect chat communication mimic data from volunteer victims
  • Train model to capture mental state of continuing offenders 
  • Collaborate communication with the relevant authorities

Emotional Processing Unit Component (EMU) 

  • Text mining to deduce the emotion state of would-be perpetrators and victims 
  • Train models to understand the mental status of the perpetrators and victims

Predictive Analytics Engine (PAE)

  • Create massive trove of data for a predictive model
  • Analyze predictive model for possible occurrence
  • Pinpoint possible violations and notifying law enforcement for preventive actions


  • Create social media awareness through music videos
  • Celebrity endorsements to educate youth
  • Involve media in promoting awareness of technology towards fighting crime


By adopting JJAIBOT, organizations can tackle most cases of sex exploitation through sex tourism. We found that the AI was able to reduce the time period taken to investigate facts of sex tourism. Organizations can better collaborate with private sector players such as hotels and travel agents by helping the players in the sector better understand the nuances involved. 


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